Happy Retirement Dad!

I am so proud of my father!  At the beginning of the month he retired!!  He worked very hard for many years in a factory painting every day.  He deserves a great retirement!  

I would have to say that his first week of retirement went really well!  First, he got a hole in one on the golf course, then he run's his first 5K!  I mean that is one awesome week for a 62 year old, and he had 2 of his grand babies visiting for the weekend!  

Pretty sure he slept good on Monday once his house was all quiet again.  :) 

It is hard for me to grasp that he retired, he seems to young to me to retire!!!  :) I am thankful that he was able to retire and it is good to know that all his finances are in order.  It is always a blessing for kids to not have to worry about their parents and their parents finances.  :)  

YAY DAD!  :)  Love you,  now only if I could convince him to buy a computer and get internet so you could read my blog!  :)