Stop-and-Go Devotional

Book Description

Help your young children learn to live for God!
Stop-and-Go Devotional provides short, active devotions based on Bible stories, designed for busy families with preschoolers and primary-grade children. Written by bestselling author Diane Stortz, this to-the-point, interactive devotional gives bite-size teachings on how to follow God.
Each short devotion consists of an action-filled Bible story (Stop and Read), an age-appropriate devotional thought with questions and a brief prayer (Think and Talk), and an easy and fun follow-up activity, a thought to remember, and a supporting Bible verse (Green Means Go!).
This book provides a way to have intentional quality time with your kids; it's fun, educational, and meaningful for your family's faith journey together.
My Review
The layout of this devotional is fun and interactive.  Here are the elements: 1. Stop and Read: a short story.  2. Think and Talk: questions and talking points as well as prayer. 3. Green Means Go: this is an activity to do together or a thought to remember and a verse to go along with it.   These elements make this devotional one that really is more of a teaching which allows parents the tools they need to teach part of the story.   I think it is great... its more than just reading it makes action happen behind the reading.  There are 52 devotionals in this book.  You could focus on 1 per week which will give you plenty of time to do the Green Means Go section.  I'm actually considering using this little devotional for our preschool kids at our church.   Each week an adult could do all three elements.  


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