Creative Gift Basket Ideas to Make the Kids Super Happy on Their Birthdays

Every year the birthdays of your kids are celebrated with so much happiness and love. Packing surprise gifts for the kids right on the birthday night when the clock strikes 12 has been a very old concept, but friends, such gift baskets still bring the widest smile on every kids face. These gifts symbolize the love and care that is there between parents and their children. Giving the most favorite gift of your child on his or her birthday is an attempt to make them happy and feel super special. It also let your kids know how much you love and care for their happiness. But with so many options for buying a gift for your kids on his or her birthday, the way of gifting should also be altered. Gifting your babies all the things they like in a colorful gift basket adds a different meaning to the purpose. Yes!! because a package also counts and it needs quite some imaginative decoration. If you are wondering how to pack the gift baskets don’t worry and keep reading through the page:
  • Stuff the baskets with varieties of goodies
Birthday gift hampers can be designed in many different creative styles that can just leave your babies staring at them completely struck by the beauty and uniqueness. While creating a gift basket for your little birthday boy or girl, don’t stick to one particular item. Rather be creative with the choice of goodies that you are stuffing the basket with. Expand the range and fill the basket with his or her favorite cartoon characters and comics, edibles like gourmet chocolates and toffies ordered using the Flipkart promo codes. To make the basket more interesting you can stuff it with cakes, fresh beautiful flowers and delicious fruits like berries. That’s not all….you can customize the basket as well by choosing the styles or themes according to the preference of your kids. Like for your girl you can design a Disney princess basket and for your boy you can choose a Mickey and Donald theme.
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  • Add more style and color to the baskets
A gift is not just a gift but a special memory that you give to your kids to cherish. Gifts add so much of excitement for the kids the moment they set their eyes on it. Speaking of birthdays, every child waits for the most colorful packet of all more than anything on that particular day.  So, the best idea to pack a gift basket for them would be using a colorful wrapper and an attractive ribbon with a lovely gift basket. Also choose for pink or red based gift wrappers if you are gifting your baby doll her favorite stuffs to make her cuddle the basket the moment she sees it. For your super hero you can pick any color ranging from blue to green to make him scream out in joy. If you want you can add more colors and flavors to the wrappers embellish it with colorful stuffs like beads, tulle, stars laces and crystals.
  • Add flavor to the normal gift wrapper
With each passing year the kids grows and the parents witness so many emotions and love. No emotion or feeling is complete without its timely expression. Unless a heart is expressed the feelings go unheeded. A creative gift basket can be the manifestation of all those lovely emotions overwhelming in your heart on the special day. In order to make the baskets more creative in look go for special birthday gift wrappers instead of the normal ones. These custom wrapping papers availed through the offers from SaveMyPocket will allow you to customize the look and make the gift even more personal and unique. You can print your kid’s favorite characters, food items or anything he or she loves on the wrappers to make the hamper even more attractive. Also, you can make it more unique by printing their images with a personalized message on the wrappers.  

While designing your kid’s birthday gift basket, from the small and trivial details to the biggest one everything needs to be taken into consideration. Now that you know what to do to lend that extra touch, customize the gift baskets accordingly and surprise your kid with the lovely packages.