5 of the Latest Trending Technologies & Equipment For Your Home This Winter

With Christmas just around the corner, if you, a loved one, or close friend or family member has either just renovated a room in their home or else has plans to do so in the new year, there could be no greater Christmas present than a piece of home equipment or technological gadget. 

With that being said, continue reading for five of the latest trending technologies and equipment for your home this winter.


1. A Professional Popcorn Maker


For a simultaneously entertaining and functional present this Christmas, consider purchasing a professional popcorn-making machine. 

Obviously, popcorn from a packet can be done in the saucepan (although this may never be attempted by, or near, small children as the popping kernels can be dangerous), but a popcorn maker will make those winter movie nights all the more special. 


2. Wireless Charging Plate


A modern trend this year, what with people having spent so much time at home over the last year and a half or so, are wireless charging plates whereby you can charge your smartphone by simply placing it on top of the plate and not have to worry about locating your charger. 


3. Stylish Smeg Accessories


If the loved one you are buying a Christmas present for is a keen style and interior design follower, you can do no better than gifting them a matching Smeg kettle and toaster set.

New pastel colours and smoother and sleeker designs of such products are available from professional and reputable kitchen equipment and appliance supplier Cooks Boutique, which hasa wide plethora to choose from. 


4. Interactive LED Light Systems


If you really want to treat your loved one this Christmas time, why not consider investing in a set of LED light panels and strip tubes from a reputable brand. 

Such light strips can be affixed to literally anywhere in the home and can be controlled from your mobile phone to turn on, change the colours and turn off all the lights that are connected to the central LED hub. 

For the real, serious technology fans in your life, you can even show them, or at least read the instructions on how to sync the lightbulbs and light strips to automatically change with what is showing on the television screen. 

5. A Luxury Coffee Machine


Gone are the days when literally the only way you could get a piping hot, spiced caramel and pumpkin latte, for example, was to visit an overpriced coffee shop. 

These days, there is a wide range of beautifully designed, sleek and highly functional home coffee machines that come with every imaginable type of coffee and flavour combination imaginable. 

Advantages of a home coffee machine include, but are certainly not limited to, the ability to make coffee shop-worthy coffees at a drop of the proverbial hat, a much more healthier and fresh tasting coffee blend, and, perhaps best of all, the significant financial savings made.