How To Make Your Wedding Day As Spectacular & Fabulous As You Are

When planning your wedding day, it is more than easy to get sucked into the nitty-gritty of table settings catering for your guests’ dietary requirements and general housekeeping organisation and scheduling.

Admittedly, such activities and tasks are absolutely crucial to ensure that you and your fiancés big day goes to plan and without a hitch, (aside from the getting hitched between each other); however, you absolutely deserve to spend time planning the more entertaining aspects of your special day.

With that being said, continue reading to discover some top tips and piece of advice on how to make your wedding day as spectacular and fabulous as you are!
Hire A Vintage Wedding Car

There is no truly more spectacular way to arrive at your wedding day than in a beautiful, stunning and truly ‘instagrammable’ vintage wedding car, from an established and renowned company such as

From the 1961 classic Austin Mini and the 1934 Derby Bentley to the 1980 Roll Royce Wraith and the 1960 S2 Bentley Flying Spur, there truly is a wide number of incredible vintage cars to choose from and will make for a brilliant beginning to the greatest day of your life.

A Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Gown

Obviously, your special day is about both you and your soon-to-be husband or wife; however, one of the biggest talking points on your big day will be the bride’s beautiful wedding gown.

Take inspiration from your favourite actresses and fashion and style icons and recreate one of the most incredible wedding gowns from the stars, by hiring a bespoke wedding dress designer to create an exact replica of your favourite.

Create Your Very Own Wedding Hashtag

The best way to ensure every single moment of your special day is documented, from the fashionista guests to the emotional and tear-jerking speeches form the top table is to create your very own hashtag for your wedding.

Ideally, you could include the wedding hashtag in your official invitations and encourage your family members, friends and other loved ones to post their photographs onto social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and even YouTube to name just a few.

It would be somewhat pertinent to point out, however, that unless you are happy for them to do it, you should request a blanket ban of any photographs of the bride and groom until you release your own official ones. There is nothing like the first photograph of you and your new husband or wife taken in an unflattering light and from a bad angle to put you off social media for life!

Other ways to ensure your special, once in a lifetime wedding day is spectacular and impressive as humanly possible is to provide a beautiful, handmade masquerade ball style mask for each one of your guests and to invest in a professional and experienced bespoke wedding cake designer for a wedding cake commission that will be a true show-stopper.