Dropps Laundry packs Review and Giveaway

Dropps laundry pacs are tough on dirt, but easy on your 

favorite garments. Simply toss the 

pac directly into the washer drum 

(1 pac = 1 load) and it dissolves 


Dropps laundry pacs are compatible in HE (High 

Efficiency) and standard washers. Dropps laundry pacs 

clean all fabrics and all colors in all temperatures (cold or 

hot water). The Dropps formula is Phosphate-free, 

enzyme-free and biodegradable. And, it’s safe for septic 

tanks and gray water systems. The Dropps Fresh Scent 

formula is approved by the EPA’s Design for the 

Environment (DfE) program.


I was happy to receive some of the Baby Dropps and the 

Fresh Scent Dropps for my review.  I was happy that both 

were pleasantly smelling and seemed to last!  What I truly 

enjoyed was the ease and the no mess product!  The 

bonus for the product is the safety of it!  The fact that it is 

phosphate free and enzyme free is great!  As a mother I 

want to make sure to keep harmful chemicals from them. 

Go order your Dropps here!  


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Laura said…
I like how easy they would be to use.

Laurasu82 at yahoo.com
kathy brower said…
I like that there's no chance of dumping the entire bottle of soap. My kids love to help and this is much easier than liquid.
lmurley2000 said…
i like how easy it is to use


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