Cereal Rainbow Project

 Well, Spring has sprung early in Wisconsin but WE love it!  We also heard some thunder this week and one thing we love looking for is rainbows!  :) We have been blessed to see some amazing rainbows that last couple years.  I absolutely love to take the time to share about God's promise to us and the symbolism of the rainbow.  They are such an amazing site to see and I feel blessed when I get to witness them.  :)

So we grabbed cereal and marshmallows and created our own little masterpiece full of all the colors!  :)  

This activity is great because you get to discuss God's promise, discuss/practice colors, practice with glue, and then color match, count the number of pieces you add to your paper, and don't forget sneaking in plenty of cereal bites.  :)


Candy Girl said…
Thanks for linking this to the Rainbow Connection! My kids and I did this project on Monday and I blogged it today at the start of this week's linky. I caught my 3 year old nibbling from the finished art tonight - glue and all!

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