Happy Birthday Titus!!!

It is so hard to believe that my little man is 1 already.  There will be another post to showcase his birthday party which is next weekend.  :)  I still have to share a little post and reminisce about the day he arrived.  

I was scheduled to be induced so the hubby and I were at the hospital early and we were very anxious. Titus had different plans and he made the day very hard.  He changed positions several times and then his heart rate started to drop during contractions so we had to do a c-section.  It was very painful!!  I really do not want to have another c-section but after you have one they recommend you have them with the rest of your children.  Now the hubby and I are not sure if we want more children or not.  

Titus was a huge blessing to have.  I have truly enjoyed watching the differences in my little boy compared with my girl.  He is all boy!  He loves throwing and he will throw everything!  With such a great arm on him I think we will have to sign him up for baseball and football!  :)  

Titus finally got another tooth this time on top.  He now has two on bottom and one on top and I think he is still working on another on top.   It seems that teething really creates a cranky and sleepless Titus but we are getting through.

Titus has started to take steps all by himself.  He took 4 a week ago and the last two days he has been doing fantastic.  He still prefers to crawl since he is speedy but soon enough he will be running. :)

So let me showcase a few pictures from the day he was born and  a few favorites from the year.  :)  Lots of pictures!



Brittney said…
Happy Birthday to your little one! He is adorable!

I had an unplanned c-section with my first, but I was induced and I did not find out until my second pregnancy that 50% of inductions lead to c-sections. If I had known, I would have held out.

They tried to recommend another c-section at first, but I talked to a few doctors who agreed it was not necessary, and I was successful with a VBAC.
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Titus!!

I had a c-section with my 2nd. I had a horrible experience with my 1st (he was vaginal and oh my OUCH!!!)

Anyway, they say that is the recommendation have a c-section again from then on. BUT!!

My mom has 6 kids and with The 3rd baby she had a c-section. She instantly got preggers again...and 11 months later she had baby #4. Vaginal. And it was perfect. So, keep that in mind. Do what YOU want and what YOUR body tells you. :)

Enjoy that little 1 year old!!! :)

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