Bible Memorization...

I personally do not do the best when it comes to memorization.  If I sit down to memorize I can do it but if I dont continue to use it I will forget it.  So I have to memorize and then recall it a couple days later to see if it stuck or if I start over and re memorize it.  

Today I had the chance to go to a bible quiz with our teens from youth group.  CAN I JUST SHOUT OUT AND SAY OUR TEAM WAS AMAZING... our three girls place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!  (my hot husband is the coach :) and did great too)  AWESOME JOB!  This year they are memorizing the book of John so within the team they split up chapter on who memorizes what.  These questions are not just memorize the word but know how to answer the questions that can get so detailed it is amazing to see how much knowledge these students have regarding the word of GOD!   

While watching and cheering and having the proud feelings like a parent would have watching their child it made me think about my personal bible memorization and knowledge.  If these teens can memorize all this information I think I can work on memorizing a few verses every month!  Made have the same moment I have when I watch the biggest loser "if that 400 pound man can run a mile then I can too"  so "if these teens can memorize chapters in a book of the bible then I should really start working on my memorization."  

Bible memorization has been on my mind longer then today.  I help out at Awana and I work with my daughter who is a cubby bear and even she can memorize verses.  She is 3 and every week  she memorizes little verses.  I work with the 5th and 6th grade students and they are hard workers who memorize many verses too.  As an Awana leader there are a few verses I should have memorized and half the year is done and I barely have worked on them... i know a few just cause they are some basic verses but come on what is taking me so long?  Who is going to give me a kick in the butt and help keep me accountable?  Maybe we should be encouraging our adults at church to memorize since our kids and teens are being our examples!  :) 

Well I will end this with GOOD JOB to Britteny Zettler, Ariel Nuemann, and April Wyatt for sweeping 1st-3rd place!  SO excited to find ways to fundraise your way to NATIONALS in April!  Maybe your reading this and you want to sponsor a student to participate in the national competition... leave a comment with your email and I will email you our church address!  :) 

Also good job to all our kids in Awana for week after week memorizing the word of GOD... how powerful those words will be on your hearts your whole life!  God has big plans for you...let Him use you!  :) 


Anonymous said…
Wooooot! =] I read some of your blogs April. Niceee, I love reading them! :)

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