car problems...ugg

So on Wednesday night my husband was dropping off a couple Fuse students and his car died.  He walked home which was over a mile.  He got home then took my car to his car and got it started...YAY!!!  

Then Thursday we went back to get it and it needed to be jumped and he got it working again.  Praise God.  Then last night as he was leaving church it started chugging and is currently parked at a restaurant. Now my hubby is very good at fixing things... i think it is a natural high for him to get something fixed!  Always feels good!!  So he thinks he needs to buy a new fuse and hopefully that will be a cheap easy fix!  If that does not work he thinks he needs a new alternator... not sure how much that will cost.  But if that is not it then it might be the transmission which in that case we will probably be on the car market looking for deals.  I would give my Honda to him and I think we would look for a van since our family is expanding.  I think he will fix the car and we will wait on a car/van purchase and save save save!  

Either way I am not stressing about it at all!!!  :)  I know Jesus will take care of the situation and I am fine either way... If he fixes it great!  If we need to have one car for awhile thats ok too!  What ever HIS plans are!  

So Anthony worked on his car all day.  Many moments of frustration but he is going to finish fixing it today.  He is replacing his alternator.  Tough job!  


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