Cell phone bill...

I was pleasantly surprised with my amount due on my cell phone bill. My hubby and I have been with sprint for several years and just signed another contract. They gave us $135.00 off our bill for being loyal customers! :) We both just got phones and mine was 100% free since I ordered it online...and it is a droid! AWESOME!

Sprint also gives many different discounts depending on where you work. I work only a few hours at the Y but it gives me a 17% discount every month! NICE!!! So if you have sprint I would check and see what discount you qualify for! :)

I was caught off guard because there was a 9.99 charge on my line because of funmobile: Multi Media content??? Not sure what that is but the sprint lady said she would block it and cancel it and refund my 9.99.

So now my bill was 12 bucks for the month! :) SWEET!!! I love not having a huge bill...which is what I was expecting because of upgrading! The only thing I dont like are the surcharges... WI tele sales surcharge is over $7?? Seems silly! I dont understand???

Who is your carrier? Do you enjoy them?


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