Date Nights...

How often do you have a date night with your husband?  Do you have a reliable babysitter?  How much do you pay your sitter (and how many kids).

My hubby and I do not go out on dates very often.  Often when we do we take our 3 year old with us so we don't have to pay for a babysitter.  We will often do a date night right at home after we put Selah to bed and then we will cuddle up with popcorn and a movie.  :)  I enjoy our at home dates and I do enjoy our dates as a family, but I think it is time to set aside a few days a year when we leave the kids with someone.  The best way to take advantage of this is trading babysitting services with friends who have children too and like us need to get out of the house without them.  :) I mean who wants to pay for a dinner and a movie and then pay a sitter... 9 bucks for a movie ticket times 2, 35 for dinner, and then 20-25 for a sitter.  WOW... there goes a big chunk of the budget!  

Last summer my husband and I joined a volleyball league and that made summer fun and made it a weekly date without our daughter!  :)  We will consider doing this again this summer... combine date night with exercise is always a plus in my mind!  :)  We do have a YMCA membership but childcare is $3.00 for the first child and $2.50 for the second... $5.50 :(  That seems so steep to me!  AGGGHHHHH- its ok to tell me I am cheap!  LOL, thats what happens when you get in a habit of always saving, clipping coupons, and sticking to a budget!  :)

Last year for my birthday my hubby and I took a lil mini vacation and had a night in a hotel a few hours from home without our daughter.  It was a lot of fun!  In  a couple weeks Selah will be staying at one of our friends house and we will escape again and do another hotel night.  We really want to have some alone time before our baby boy comes.  It will be much more difficult in the next year to do dates when we have 2 children and one being under a year old since I will be breastfeeding... makes it difficult to get away!  I will do some pumping to help out but still can be a challenge.  So anyone have any suggestions for at home dates??  How can we get creative at home??  I do imagine that some of our students will volunteer to babysit with a new baby!  :)  They will probably have to show up at our house and force us to leave!  LOL

So for 2011 while focusing on loving more that means getting out and about with my hubby without the kiddos... even if it only happens one time a month and only for an hour it will be worth it to both of us!  :)

I would love to hear your ideas!  :) What works for you and your spouse?  How often do you have a date night with your husband?  Do you have a reliable babysitter?  How much do you pay your sitter (and how many kids).


Rachel said…
Thankfully I have a wonderful mother and mother in law that will watch my 2 when either I need a couple hours alone or to meet a friend. Or hubby and I are going out. I hope to someday be able to do that for my kids also with their kids.

We try to not abuse it but it has been very good for our relationship to have that times with no kids. Especially when they get a bit older and my two are talkers. Family nights are great but sometimes it is nice to be able to sit in the car and be able to talk without interruption from one of the kids.
Yes Rachel you are blessed to have family live so close to watch the children! :)

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