Do you Groupon??

Have you signed up for Groupon yet?

Groupon is a deal of the day program that is offered in majority of America's cities.  I know for WI they have Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Appleton.  I dont live in those areas but I have still gotten some really great deals such as 3 redbox rental codes for the cost of one.  :)   You never know what deal they will have but you can see the deals in your email, on your phone, on twitter and facebook.  Once you purchase a groupon you print it and use it like a normal coupon.  (Redbox i just used the codes they gave me)  :)  VERY SIMPLE and lots of savings through it!  :)

Click here   if you would like to sign up or see more details!  :)  I do get a bonus if you use my link!  :) Once you sign up you can invite friends and also earn a credit too for your next purchase.


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