FROZEN in Wisconsin

Its that time of year when the temps drop below 0 and the wind chill makes it feel bitter.  In Wisconsin we always get wind chill advisories and tonight is one of the nights where you are under lots of blankets and wish you had a fireplace.  The low for tonight is -17 and with the wind chill it might feel like -30!!!  30below 0 thats when you have to pack a blanket in the car just in case you have a car issue, which many cars in WI are probably having to get a jump today and tomorrow.  I have a subbing job tomorrow and I am kinda hoping they have a late start!  :)  Many schools have to consider the number of kids who wait outside for the bus.  If you have skin uncovered you can get frost bite in just a matter of minutes.  I remember a couple 4 years ago we had wind chill's that were -50 degrees!  It gives families a reason to stay in and do things indoors, games, movies, baking, cleaning!

Anyone else in a deep freeze?  What are you doing inside to stay busy?


DramaMama said…
Today we are hanging wash (it puts moisture in the air inside) and baking, keeping the house warm! We may also do some sewing of simple things...but I'm guessing that my active boy will need to do something different soon! We have a Sweatin' to the Oldies video that he likes to do - it cracks me up when he imitates the moves and tries to make up some of his own! He likes the music and hopping around in general =) Pretty much any aerobics type of program, tape or DVD gets us moving and grooving! Family dance party!!!