Grocery list and menu planning

This last year I had a lot of fun shopping at Pick N Save on Wedensday and Saturday because of there promotioanl DOUBLE COUPON DAY!  Unfortunately they ended it on the 1st of the year!  :(  I wish I would have kept all my receipts to see how much I saved.  I would use all my dollar off coupons and save two dollars and then combine that with the weekly sales and I was getting AWESOME deals!  I will miss it..:(

So one of my goals is to start to menu plan so I can stay on a food budget easier and stress less about what is for dinner, and go out to eat even less!!  Our schedule is so different because many nights we are not home for dinner until late.  Wednesday's is FUSE night so Selah and I will eat together while daddy is at work, Thursday we have Awana so we eat a simple meal, I work at the Y on Monday and Fridays and am not home until 7ish.  My mind frame before was whats the point of planning when we barely get to enjoy a meal together, but our family has been eating later in the evening and that is ok.  My hubby helps out many times that I am at the YMCA and he will cook.  He does enjoy cooking so that is nice!  I really want to cut back on the quick drive threw foods, and have easy things to cook, or better yet use my slow cooker more often!  :)  SLOW COOKER ALL THE WAY!!!  Do you have any good recipes to share???

As I was ready to start making my list for the store and menu plan I thought I will find a free template online and I am super excited I came across the blog:  "Faithful Provisions" -  You shall check it out!  :)  So right on her blog she has 2 templates that i am using for making my grocery list and menu plan.  You just click and type and print, no feature to save but that is ok I have no need to save it!  :)

To see the the grocery list go here:

To see the menu  plan go here:

Here's to hoping that menu planning and grocery lists are helpful here at the Flanigan house! So I have some easy recipes picked out and a slow cooker recipe for next week!  Feel free to share your favorite recipes!  :) I need some new ideas to shake it up a bit around here!


To update I have enjoyed the menu on the fridge but I have changed and switched a few of the days! I think that is normal though!

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