Here is my family...

I wanted to share a photo on my blog of the family!  :)  As you can see my belly is blossoming with our baby boy and proud big Sister Selah is very excited as well as Daddy!  
My family is the biggest blessing in my life.  I feel so lucky that God has given me each of them.  My husband, Anthony, is a great man of God who encourages me every day.  He is a great provider to our family, he is a youth pastor at Living Well Faith Community.  Selah my 3 year old gives me a smile each day.  It is awesome to watch her grow up and see her little heart on fire for JESUS!  Every night it is a privilege to hear her prayers as it melts my heart each time!  Selah has nicknamed the baby "Goose."  I think it is stuck forever.  Anthony and I still need to pick a name for our baby so please pray for us as we need some guidance and clarity in a name.  



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