Hippo fun and review

One of my favorite games growing up was "Hungry Hungry Hippo's"  What a great game!  This is a video of my daughter playing with some of our Fuse Students (youth group).  She loves hanging out with these kids!  :)  They are super sweet to her and good role models too!  :)

I have one complaint??  With the game to fit it back in the box you have to take the hippos off!  :(  WHY??  That is so silly.  Was it always like that?  I don't remember that when I was a kid.  We got the gift from papa for Christmas so maybe this one was cheaper??  I wonder what would happen if I wrote to the company.  I have not done that but I think my opinion is a good one.  So I threw the box away and just put the marbles in a bag and tape it to it.


I think this is a fun game, would love to have one. Thanks for the follow, I am following you back.
Vi said…
One! LOL to cute! I am with you on the box issue. I understand they are trying to reduce product cost my smaller and less packaging but come on. I have to keep all of those little balls in a ziplock because my son tried shoving it into the box with the hippos still attached and the box was ruined. LOL Great blog and I am now your newest follower. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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