I'm A PACKER FAN... I'm a CHEESEHEAD... and yes so is my daughter! :)

AWESOME playoff game today watching my Packers!  :)  That interception at the end was AWESOME!!  Rodgers played great, Mathews play awesome, the running game took off!  :) WHOO HOO!!!  So the Pack took out the eagles and next week they play the falcons.  Here is what I hope... Pack beat Falcons next week, Bears lose to Seahawks so the Pack will then play Seahawks in the NFC Championship game.  :)  That way the Pack can attack all the birds!  : )  : )  I think that would be neat!  :)  Next week will be a tough game but I think the Pack can do it!  :)  WHOO HOO... GO PACK GO!!!!

PS... my daughter will say "Go Pack Go"  and "Defense, Defense"  In a few more years I will have my football buddy!  :)  Anthony, my hubby, will watch the game but he usually falls asleep or gets distracted in a game on his laptop.  LOL... so my daughter will one day be my cheering buddy!  :)  

This last summer we went to a Packer practice.   They really like to include the fans in everything.  It was a fun morning for the family, and we were up close to all of them!  I think this will be a Flanigan tradition as long as we are in WI!  :)  

Well, you know what I will be doing next Saturday night... CHEERING ON MY PACKERS!!  :) 


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