Look what I got in the mail for free!!

So one thing I do each week is follow a few different blogs that help me find deals and free things!  

My favorite one to visit is Money Saving Mom   

Awhile back I signed up for a snowman kit an offer I saw on money saving mom!  TODAY it arrived... it was like a Christmas present for my daughter!  She is so excited to build a snowman.  We live in Wisconsin so a snowman each year is a must.  The only down fall is we are in a deep freeze with temps below 0 which mean the snow is not packable at this point so we will have to wait until we get some warm weather and another snowstorm!  Trust me we will get more snow and we will be patient.  Selah, my daughter, was explaining to me how big her snowman would be.  It was very adorable.  :)  

Here is a picture of the snowman kit.  REMEMBER FREE!!!  :)  It includes: tophat, carrot nose, eyes of coal, and 3 buttons.  :)  How sweet.  

Look for pics in the next few weeks of our snowman once we can get out there and build it!  :)  


Mel and Moses said…
We made these one year as Christmas gifts! It was a requirement that everyone make one and send us a pic =) We used hats and scarves from thrift stores, coal, plastic carrots, and some even had a few accessories like a corn cob pipe! It was fun - hubby's sister even sent us a pic of her snowman in China =) That's cool that you received it for free!! Can't wait to see your snowman!
Mel and Moses- You come up with some creative gift ideas! LOVE IT!! I am now following your blogs! :)

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