MOMMY is Nesting!!

Last week I washed and put away a load of baby boy clothes!  So ADORABLE.  It is so different going through boy clothes then the girl clothes with my daughter.  I can visually see some of the fun stuff we will have with our lil guy.  I can picture daddy and son wrestling on the floor, tons of little cars all over the floor, another PACKER FAN to cheer with me, and so many more fun things to think about.  With my daughter we play with babies, tea parties, princess princess princess stuff.  It is just such a blessing to be able to experience both a daughter and a son.  LORD guide me in raising each of them to be a Godly man and women of YOU!  :) 

Today already I thought I better start getting ready for the hospital.  So I packed the diaper bag, diapers, wipes, a couple onsies, a outfit, and a bottle.  It feels weird to think about a diaper bag since I have not been carrying one for  some time  now.  Selah was an easy potty trainer and there was not much of a need to carry a big bag around when we went places.  

Now I am thinking what do I need in my bag for the hospital.  
comfy pajamas
toothbrush and toothpaste
hair brush
Lip balm
a few treats
nursing pads
nursing bra
slippers n socks
Camera and video camera
Music CD- I want my hubby to make me one
2 Outfits for the baby-Need to pick up a preemie size...just guessing but I think baby will be early like his sister.  She was 5 pounds 12 ounces.
Car Seat
cards or game

I will want my computer and phone charger, cant pack that yet
I also know the hospital will supply some things while there!  :) 

Am I missing anything important??  With my daughter i was not prepared at all... She arrived 4 weeks early and I was not prepared.  Luckily the hospital was not far from our house.  My hubby had to make a few trips back and forth.  This time the hospital is not far but not as close so I would like to be prepared.  :)


Rachel said…
I think you pretty much got it covered for what you need.

Suppose I should start thinking about packing also! Not ready for this baby yet and I have been induced both times around my due date so not too concerned. If you go early we might have our babies at the same time :D
Rachel it would be neat to have our babies around the same time! :) Cant wait to see pics of your lil one! :)

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