Mommy Moment: Embarrassing Moments

Theme of the Week
Embarrassing Moments

Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation with your child? Maybe in Target and your child decides to test his lung strength out?

Hmmm... What has my darling Selah done that was so embarrassing??  I cant think of many actions that may have taken place but my daughter is a talker and can say some of the cutest and embarrassing things.  I think one time she was naughty and pooped in the bath tub and then later that day told someone at church "i am naughty cause I poopied in the bath.  LOL!  More embarrassing for her then me!  I will ponder more ideas cause I am sure there is something she did that embarrassed me but struggling to remember what it is.

Thought of one.  I am 29 weeks pregnant and I am short so I look huge!  Well we were out shopping and she all of a sudden lifted my shirt to talk to her brother.  I was embarrassed because she whipped my shirt very high that I think I could have flashed someone.  I am unsure if anyone saw but I had to tell her she cant do that!  Now I am a bit more cautious when she tries to "talk to the belly."


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