So my family lives in a nice 2 bedroom apartment right now and we have baby number 2 coming in March.  We know we can make it work for awhile since our apartment is a good size.  It is nice cause rent is low, we have a garage, we have big closets, and huge bathroom, and heat and water is included, a washer and dryer included.  So there are lots of advantages to living in this apartment.  I would have to stay that many times I wish we had a house, funny thing is we are homeowners but we are now landlords because we moved away from that city.

So the last few days hubby and I have been discussing how to organize the house to make it:
1. make room for the baby
2. get rid of the clutter
3. make the house easier to clean when everything has a place where it belongs.

This morning we headed out shopping and purchased three- 3 shelf bookcases.  2 bookcases were set up and placed in our big closet under the steps.  So we were able to take the 3 huge rubbermaid tubs out (which made it hard to use anything in them because you had to dig) and organize them into better smaller containers that you can see and place them on shelf.  Now you can walk in the closet and one bookshelf has all our electronic type things such as blank cds, chords, cameras, tools, etc etc.  The other bookcase has my sewing machine, knitting supplies, hair clip supplies, and Selah's outside toys.  Just organizing the closet was AWESOME!  :)  I did not take a picture of that but I did take a picture of the last book shelf, which is on our living room.  It is close to the door when you walk in so you can place the mail and keys in one of the baskets.  Then I imagine it will house other things such as books, baby toys, or any other baby thing.  It looks super cute and we found these baskets at the dollar store!  :) So here is a picture:

Yes I am nesting and I love it!  :)  Organization feels so awesome!!!  :)  I do have to mention that my hubby is the one who set all the baskets on the bookcase... he has the design eye!  LOL!!!  Love you babe!!


Good Luck with everything. We moved from a normal sized house into a smaller house because it had more land. It can be hard getting organized. I'm sure you guys will find lots of ways to do it!

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Anonymous said…
That does look really nice!

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