Photo contests

I have entered my daughter in a few photo contests just for fun.  I have no intentions of seeking a modeling career for her or anything like that but like all parents I think my Selah is one adorable little girl!  :)  I entered her in a Focus on the Family one in the fall and she was picked as a runner up and she will be in their magazine in March.  They are sending me the magazine, sent Selah a CD collection of Bible stories, and one huge parenting book.  The picture was for the category of family fun "messy fun".  I used a picture from last Easter when she was helping in the kitchen... or just eating off a spoon.  :)  It really was not a super special picture just the best one I had of her for the photo category.

I have entered her in a Parents magazine contest, and a few others online.  I have not done the Cute Kid contest yet, but looking into details on it.  Has anyone entered their child in this??  I have never seen such a big reward, there are smaller rewards as well.  Just curious!

So what have you entered your little princess or prince in?  Maybe not a photo contest but a coloring contest or some other contest?  I am interested in hearing your story.  :)

My favorite picture of my daughter that I think she could have been on the cover of a magazine is her watermelon picture.  She was nine months old and already a huge watermelon fan.  My brother took it and he is a photographer so it is difficult to find contests to enter because he is a professional.  BUT TAKE A LOOK:  Yep I'm a proud mama!  I actually have this picture in a huge poster size, framed and in my kitchen. People come over and do not even realize that is my daughter... I would never have a random baby that big on my wall.  LOL!!


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