Prayers from a little girl...

Tonight was FUSE night (youth group at our church).  You never know what to expect but you can always expect God to have his way!  :) 
Our service goes a little something like this.... mixer game, announcements, worship, message, hang out time, but tonight we never made it past worship!  It was an awesome time of prayer and worship.  

As a leader I always go around and pray as God leads me, and my 3 year old daughter usually follows me and listens and will occasionally lay her hands on people too.  (I love the fact that she is 3 and has witnessed so much of Gods work) Tonight I felt God was not leading me to pray certain prayers for many of the students but a word... that is a bit different for me but I loved it!  :)  There were a couple teens whom I only prayed in tongues and I felt that was all they needed.  It really was a spirit driven night where i know our teens had an encounter with Jesus!  Teens on there knees, hands in the air, overcome with tears, and bondage broken! 

This was not the first time this has occurred on a Wednesday night at Fuse so my daughter has seen it before.  Bless her little 3 year old heart as she stepped out in faith to pray for her "bigger friends."  Now her prayers are not much more then "Jesus, help ___________"  and "amen"  there might have been a little bit more here and there as I think i heard "Jesus heal _____"   As her mom my heart was melting and feeling very proud of her and found myself praying for her to continue to have that passion!  

She really is a prayer warrior!!  There have been other occasions where I will be clumsy and hurt myself and she will say "Jesus help my mommy, amen"  Pretty soon she will have the knowledge and wisdom to tell me to get on my knees and pray about it instead of worrying about it!  I get excited to think about how or what God will do to use my daughter that he blessed me with!  

Another neat thing that happened during FUSE tonight was 2 people committed their life to Christ! AMEN!!! Now one boy is our youngest and after encouraging him to tell his dad his decision he told me "April, I think Selah will be a missionary or a pastor when she grows up because look at her Godly Parents"  How sweet was that!  

Well for me this was a night where I sit back and think about how big my little girl is getting but also getting reminded of how valuable she is in the eyes of GOD.  Have you had moments like this as a parent?  What have your kids done?  What are some ways that you might teach some Christian principles in their daily lives? 


Supermomplace said…
This is amazing! Lead them in the way of the Lord and they not depart from it.

I have a 3y/o and a 20 month old watching them pray is always such a blessing.

Last friday was prayer night at my church and just like you I walk around praying and the follow me repeating and stuff. one of our pastors always play with them sometime he will take one of them so I can concentrate, this time he took my 3y/o hes praying and walking with her I guess he must have asked her what was she praying for so she say, hallelujah for mommy, hallelujah for daddy, hallelujah for Kaylee (her baby sister) and pray for grandma's leg. I didn't know what was happening, I saw her and pastor going row by row looking so I approach and he told me, I show him where my mom was and she lay her little hand and say grandma leg heal in name of Jesus amen!

Praise God
Supermomplace- Praise God for your children too! :) One of the best joys of a parent is listening to our kids pray! :)
Keep in touch... would love to hear more praise reports!

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