Question for the dads!

I am just curious as to the thoughts that go through you head when:

1. You find out your wife is pregnant?
2. You find out the sex of your baby?
3. When you see your wife huge but carrying a miracle?
4. When you feel the baby kick?
5. Your wife starts labor?
6. Your wife is in hard labor?
         -Do you peek at all the progress or stay above the waist?  
         -Do you cut the umbilical chord?
7. The thoughts when you see your wife holding your baby?
8. Thoughts when you are holding your baby for the first time?
Come on men- share some of your stories!  I want to hear them!  (Anthony- this is a must for you... cause I want to know)



1. I did that!
2. I dream what they will be like when they grow up.
3. Still Hot, but only more amazing now.
4. STRONG baby, pride
5. Excited
6. Helpless, as a man I want to take it all away, but I can't. It's a scary thing going on down there, I watched with Selah, might not with this one.
7. Never thought she could be more beautiful, but there she is, more beautiful than ever.
8. Careful, gentle, proud, joy, pray for baby.

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