Ramblings on a Sunday

So my daughter woke me up at 5am with this really raspy cough... not sure what it was about.  She drank some water and I had gotten some free all natural cough medicine from Walgreens and gave her some prayed with her and sent her back to bed.   She slept till almost 9am which I don't think has ever happened!  So we went to church and then we went to a friends house for the bears game.  Well we left and i heard a little cough and I said "Selah do you need some more medicine?"  and I LOVE my daughter so much because she is a teacher in faith!  Her response to me was "NO NO NO, Jesus healed me mom!!"  AWWWWWW  my heart melted... she is so RIGHT!!!  Power of life and death is in the tongue so mommy better remember that!  Jesus has made us whole in him so HE already won the battle and Satan is under our feet and has no authority!  SELAH i love you so much and am so proud of your knowledge in JESUS!  :)

On another note, how bout them Packers!  WHOOO HOOOO!!!!  That game last night was so fun!!!  Next week should be a fun game to watch against the Bears!  GO PACK GO!!!  I was hoping the Bears would lose so that the pack could take out all the birds.  They already beat up the Eagles and Falcons but i guess the NFC championship game will be a dual with Packers vs. Bears.   This year they played twice and have one win and one loss.  So it shall be a fun close game!  One of our elder ladies at church today said that God was a Packer fan!  Cracked me up... she has some of the funniest things to say!  LOL!!!

Yesterday we took Selah to the hospital for her "sibling class."  She seemed to enjoy it.  We took a tour of the hospital and got to explain a lot to her about her brother who will soon be arriving.  She is such a smart girl.  Anthony and I really need to sit down again and pick a name for this little guy.  He does have  nickname that will stick forever i think since his sister named him "goose."  It seems when  3 year old picks a nickname everyone catches on and thinks its cute so baby boy you will be stuck with "goose."  I do admit that I think it is very adorable.  :)  Anthony wants to pick a name that is very strong and he thinks a lot of the names I like are too cute???  So we will pray some more about it and wait for God to give us peace on a name.   It is just so odd because within a week after finding out Selah was a girl we had her name!  I am about to start week 30 so we still have some time!

I had a dream last night that I was watching the Superbowl while in labor... i dont know who was playing but in my dream I was all about watching the game while delivering!  LOL!!  It would be a little scary for baby to come on Feb. 6th since my due date is not till March 28th!  

I have been feeling a bit tired again... always feeling like I need a nap... but I really need to clean this house!  Ahhh... why is it never ending!  What are your tips to keep your house clean???


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