Currently I am nearing 30 weeks pregnant with our little boy!  :) My 3 year old daughter is very excited and talks to my belly and tells everyone she is going to be a "big sister."  As my due date approaches I am filled with many emotions and am happy to report that I really have no fear because I serve a faithful Father in Heaven.

I cant help but go through some pictures of Selah when she was a baby.  Time sure goes so quickly so every now and again its fun to look through and even get a little teary eyed at remembering every memory.  I think I will share a few with you.

                                          First family picture... minutes after Selah was born.

                                                                     Still at the hospital...

              Selah and our dog, Izzy.  I miss him... he was great with Selah!  She remembers him still too.

                                                     Selah taking a snooze in her swing.

Our first Christmas together, 2007!  

Selah 3 months old... my little angel!  

                                                                My little Packer Fan!!  :)

It is never to early to start potty training... her daddy was a great teacher because her first time sitting on the potty she did #1 and #2!!!  I do have pictures to prove that but I will spare you that pic.  :) 

I think that is enough pictures to share at one time.  :)  They are just a few of my favorites of her under age 1.  I get so excited to take pictures of our little boy and him with his big sister of course.  :)
This Saturday Selah has her sibling class at the hospital along with Anthony and I attending a transitional class.    Is it March yet... I am getting so antsy and ready for this baby.  :)


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