Start, Stop, keep doing... continued

Today has been a good day so far.  My daughter had a play date at a good friend of ours and I enjoyed our talk.  I got some good advice from her on how to manage my daughter when our little boy comes.  What things have worked for you?  Some things she mentioned is a special bin of toys that she can play with when mommy has to feed baby, touring the hospital, having a special treat when she comes to visit the baby at the hospital, a present from baby to open when she meets her brother, and one i plan on doing is having her take care of her baby while mommy takes care of her brother.  Any other ideas or things I should know before baby boy is here?

Back to yesterdays thoughts on start, stop, or keep doing.  One thing I want to improve on is my house cleaning and organization.  1. it will make life less stressful and 2. I think it will keep my sanity.  Here are the things I want to do:  First make a cleaning schedule and faithfully try to stick to it.  Second I want to meal plan so I can plan my grocery list and save money easier and will have all meals planned instead of pondering every meal.  Thirdly I want to learn to be a better hostess or serving in general.  I would really like to have company over monthly so I can love on others and serve others.  I think it is very important as a wife of a pastor to really use this and practice this gift.  So with having company over that means serving them and I struggle with that sometimes... even serving my husband.  Well i know I said it yesterday but part of loving is serving and I know I want to love more and love better.

So on to the stop thing... I know there is something that must be erased from my schedule but I am still praying and seeking clarity from GOD.  So I guess I will continue to wait it out till I reach peace with a decision, but I do feel like that God is setting a plan before me and will soon reveal it!  I am excited to take that leap!  I know his plans are so much greater then the plans I could ever come up with.  :)  Jer. 29:11

One more thing on my mind is preschool.  Anyone have any thoughts on that???  I have found a curriculum that I like and would love to do with my daughter, but not sure. The curriculum I found is called "Horizons."  Anyone heard or use that and have any feedback out there?   How much does preschool cost anyhow?   Is it worth it?  Not sure we could afford it so my mind is boggled and unclear on this choice.  Me and my hubby will reach a decision together with the help of our Heavenly Father.  We have some time as I hope she will start preschool in September either at a preschool facility or with her momma!  

Time to get ready for FUSE, our youth group at church!  :)  It is a great group a kids who show a hunger for God!  I enjoy my times with them!  :)

Would love any feedback and more to come soon!


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