Still praying for Selah

Well I know I mentioned in my other posts about Selah waking up with a strange cough.  She seemed normal on Sunday and when she woke up yesterday, but then she woke from her nap with a fever and we have battling it since.  So we have been praying and praying and trusting God will take care of our munchin.  She still has been saying "Jesus healed me"  which I love, but I had to explain to her that Jesus uses doctors to help us feel better too.  We went to the clinic today and she had a 103 degree fever :(  It has been up and down the rest of the day.  The strep test was negative and influenza test was negative also.  The doctor did say she had viral bronchitis and we now have a nebulizer for 2 weeks but no antibiotics but keep pushing the tylenol/ibprofen.

So after her nap today I thought we would take a bath and do our medicine and neb treatment and do you know what she said, "no mommy I dont need medicine because Jesus is healing me"  Now like I said before I love her faith and trust.   I have no doubt that Jesus is healing my lil Selah, He has already won the battle so this silly attack can be done.  So I had to explain to her that part of Jesus healing her was using doctors and the medicine.  

So today was lots of cuddles and movies and prayers with the occasional battle to get medicine in.


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