Transitioning a 3 year old to baby brother...

"I'm a Big Sister Now" by Joanna cole and "Arthurs baby" by Marc Brown have been read several times to my daughter lately.  We are trying to get her prepared for her baby brother to arrive.  I am sure there are several good children's books out there to read to her but these are the only 2 that we have.  I think we might head to the library to check some more out too.  
Any suggestions?  I would also like to read an adult book myself... anyone know of any good ones? 

Selah had her sibling class on Saturday and she seemed to enjoy it.  I am still trying to figure out our plan for transitioning.  Here is our plan right now:

1. Selah and daddy will go pick out a gift for mommy and baby before heading to the hospital and mommy will have a gift for Selah from her brother when she gets there.  I am thinking a dvd so she can watch it right in the hospital room.  
2. print out a picture of Selah that says "I'm big sister Selah" and place it on the bassinet at the hospital.  
3.  Put together a basket of toys that she can pick and choose from only when mommy is feeding baby so she has something "special" to do during those times.  
4. If both Selah and baby are crying at the same time, go first to Selah because she will remember that where  baby will not remember and be fine for a couple minutes.  
5. Make sure we try our hardest to still have mommy and daddy tuck in to bed and pray.  Make sure she knows that mommy or daddy can read her bed time story (she is kinda used to mommy doing it)  
6. Daddy and Selah will be taking a swimming class together in spring!  Special time for them.  
7. Continue to take my shopping buddy, Selah, with me while leaving baby with daddy.  We have a lot of fun out and about right now and want to continue to let her come with as often as possible.  

Those are a few ideas so far but am open to suggestions and ideas!  So what did you do???  What is the age difference in your children?  


Rachel said…
I think you are on the right track.

My two are 3 years apart and we are preparing for #3 to come and they will be 3 years apart also. When I got pregnant and so sick Daddy started to do the night time reading, praying and tucking in and now they prefer that. Which is wonderful cause it gives them just daddy time :D

We both do try to do something special with one kid each per month. Whether just being in the car alone for 20 minutes going somewhere to run an errand or something like that.

I didn't do gifts for the hospital but gave my son a baby doll as a gift when we got home from the hospital so he had his own baby. And we are doing the same for my daughter when the next one comes home.
Chara Lynn said…
I am following you from Monday hops. Hope you can stop by, follow, and become a loyal reader.
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