Walgreen's trip-1/13/11

I make a trip every week to Walgreen's!  Over summer I learned how to use this store and get amazing deals.  The first thing I always do before going is look through their weekly ad.    The weekly ad shows the sales, has coupons, and most importantly tells you what products have the register rewards.  Since the ad's are store coupons, they can be “stacked” with manufacturer’s coupons, meaning you can use them in conjunction with a manufacturer’s coupon. So, in this case, you can use both a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on one item. Often, you’ll be able to get a really great deal by stacking a store coupon, a manufacturer’s coupon, and a store sale.

Register Rewards:
As you walk through the store you will see bright yellow tags on the items so it is easy to see (some sales are yellow too so make sure you look.)  When you purchase an item that has register rewards a coupon will print out after you check out that tells you the amount.  You can use the coupon on your next purchase.  (Register Rewards to expire after 2 weeks...so DONT FALL BEHIND) Every week they will have one or a few items that will be free after register rewards!  :) :)  So as I look through an ad and see what products have register rewards I immediately look for coupons on that product! YOU CAN GET PRODUCTS FOR FREE!  :) 

Another trick is doing more then one transaction.  This takes some time to think to get the best deal.  My Walgreen's is very good about this and always seem to enjoy when I get the best deals.  Very nice, only down fall is if there is a waiting customer behind me.  Only one time did someone get annoyed.  

Every month Walgreen's prints a special coupon book that you can find right when you walk in the front door by the weekly ad.  Now remember these coupons can be stacked with a manufactures coupon.  :) 

So best deal is finding a register reward product, using a Walgreen's coupon, and a manufacturer coupon...GREAT DAY!  :)  

Make sure your total bill is higher then the coupons or register rewards will not go through.  

Always have as many items as coupons.

I have had some workers manually enter a coupon for me but the best way to give them the coupons is in this order:
     -Register Rewards first
     -Then manufacturer’s coupons
     -Then store coupons

If for some reason the coupon is not working... don't spend the money but ask them to remove the item.  I have been shy and not done that and regretted my purchase because I knew I did not get the best deal possible.   

So today I had $9 register rewards to spend!  I purchased: 24 pack Ice Mount water, Go Kids vitamins, 2 packs orbit gum, 2 packs Ziploc bags, 4 pack Kleenex, and 2 packages of Tuf garbage bags.  

This is not a typical purchase for me because only one item had register rewards.  The vitamins were on sale for $5 and came with $5 back.  There was a coupon for Orbit gum in there ad and I printed a coupon for buy one get one free so the gum was only pennies.  I had a $2 off on the Kleenex, I needed garbage bags and I had a coupon for $1 off Hefty but they did not carry them and these bags were on sale buy one get one for 6.99, and the Ziploc was on sale buy one get one free and I had a coupon for that.  I spent $14.00 got $5 register rewards for next week, but get this my savings was $25.00.  

One other thing to be careful is not to buy things just because they have register rewards.  This week I actually needed the garbage bags, ziploc bags, water, and Kleenex.  


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