Walgreens trip 1/17/11

Well I will admit that I am still learning the ropes of shopping for awesome deals at Walgreens.

I did three transactions today which was a first for me.  The workers are always so nice to me and the lady who checked me out knows me well now!!  I did mix up my order on them so that kinda stunk but I feel it was still a good day.

I also purchased a few things I normally would not since they did not come with register rewards but oh well I splurged a little.

My first transaction:
4- Nyquil/dayquil products
         (on sale for $5 each and get $10 RR when you spend 20)  I had 1-$4 off coupon, 1-$3.00 off coupon, and 1-$1.50 off coupon)
BBQ Sauce
Italian Dressing
(dressing and sauce were on sale and I had a $1.00 off coupon)  (this is one purchase that is not normal for me but I did need both of those items)
I also had $5 RR from last week that I used on this transaction.

So total I spent: $11.88
Total saved:  $21.96
And got $10 RR back

Nyquil/dayquil does not expire till 2013 so I know it will get used!  Plus when my hubby was ill in Oct/Nov I think he went through a half dozen bottles of it!

Transaction #2
2 packs Pampers swaddlers
(on sale for 2/18 with $3 RR, I had 2 $2 off coupons)
Vive pro shampoo
(i would normally not buy the shampoo but I wanted to splurge on a nice shampoo to pack in my hospital bag and they did have it on sale with a $2 coupon.  :)

I also used my $10 RR from first purchase.

Total I spent: $6.99
Total Saved: $19.98

3rd Transaction:
5 Gatorade's on sale for a $1 each plus I had $1 off coupon
Fusion Razor on sale for 9.99 had a $4 off coupon and got $5 RR (Decided that they have lots of coupons for this razor but none for the cartridges... so when you can use the sale, coupon, and RR it is better to buy a whole new razor for my hubby then the expensive cartridges.)
Vive Conditioner $2 off coupon
2packs extra gum on sale for 2 for $1
Also used my RR rewards from last purchase.

Total spent: 12.13
Total saved: 16.34

Total from all 3:
Spent: $31
Saved: $58.28
RR left for next week $5

So all in all I think it was an ok trip.  Like I said I did make a few extra purchases that I normally would not make.

Hoping to get a good shopping trip at Pick N Save this week too.  Very excited they extended there double coupon days!  :)  I was also bummed that the Therma Care was sold out which would have given me more RR but ohwell!


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