Winter outside, fun inside today

It is hard to enjoy this winter weather when 7 months pregnant.  I do plan on getting out in the snow to make that snowman once it is a little warmer, but winter time is for crafting in my mind!  I did not do anything to special, in fact it did not require any prep work just the table and shaving cream.  :)  Kids love this stuff and my daughter is no different!  I remember having a ton of fun in Kindergarten with shaving cream, practicing writing my letters and numbers and of course shapes!  Hope you enjoy the pics, I am bummed I never took a picture of her with the shaving cream on her nose, she was adorable.

Now that she is older we can use the shaving cream because I do not have to worry about her putting it in her mouth, but when she was younger I made frosting and we sure had fun and a sugar high.  LOL  

(powder sugar frosting recipe with a lil food coloring)  


This brings back so many fun memories! My mom used to let us do the shaving cream thing on our school desks. It was such a treat and so much fun!!
Thanks Wholesomewomanhood,

Hope you stop by more often. :)

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