YAY!!! Packers in the Superbowl!!! :)

That was an exciting game to watch yesterday!  :)  I am so excited and happy for the Packers!   I had some predictions right but the game sure was tough and rough and was close, but what more can you expect when the Packers face the Bears.  These two teams have a lot of vengeance out for each other. Proud to be a Packer fan today!  :)

Best play of the game:  Raji's interception and TD!!!  It is fun watching a 338 pound man return an interception for a TD!

The first quarter the Packer looked great, offense was scoring and defense was holding!

Second and third quarters were rough to watch as the Packers run offense was stopped and many thrown passes were dropped.

Fourth quarter was all defense with a defensive touch down and a important interception at the very end of the game to stop a drive that could have tied the game!


The only bummer of the game was Jennings never made it in the endzone so we could all score 85 cent Papa Burgers from A&W.   He will get one more chance in two weeks!  :)  Jennings did have so awesome catches that added up to a lot of yardage!  :)

Overall I am thinking that I should paint my baby belly green and gold for Superbowl Sunday!  :)  :) :)


Dede said…
Although I am a Steelers fan, that would be really cute!! Make sure to get a photo of it :)
Faythe said…
Super Bowl here we come! Packers all the way :) fellow cheesehead here, in case you could not tell ;) browsing though WW posts on DogsMom. I have packer pride up too with linky. hugs, Faythe ~GMT~
Faythe said…
P.S. I forgot to say I think a Green & Gold belly would be perfect photo op!
THANKS! I will be sure to post a picture if I do it. :)