34 Week Pregnancy Update (picture)

I had another doctor appointment yesterday morning as I started week 34.  I am getting so close I can't help but feel so many different emotions which include:  excitement to meet this lil boy, nervous about labor, curious as to what he will look like, joy because I know he will be here soon, and of course exhaustion because no matter who you are it is tiring on your body to be carrying a life inside of you!

So I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks!  I thought that was a bit much but the doctor said my weight looks good.  I blame part of my weight gain on this last weekend.   It seems when you hang out with teens it is give that you will eat a LOT and eat JUNK.  Camp food was yummy (i know this sounds strange but winter camp food is awesome)  they had fried Chicken on Saturday night-YUMMY!!!  Then they made delicious coffee cake for breakfast!!  Then my girls had some junk food in the cabins and I know I ate some chocolate...ok a lot of it!

Baby's heartbeat was 140 and doctor thinks he is head down so that is all great news.

I had to do the Rh shot today.  I am O Negative so my RH is negative and it can be dangerous to have a baby who is positive so they have to give me a shot now and after baby comes.  I guess it is better explained like this:
When and Rh negative women has Rh positive antibodies in her blood and the baby she is carrying is Rh positive, the antibodies could possibly enter the baby's bloodstream which could attack the baby's red blood cells and cause hemolytic disease in the baby.  So to prevent any of those dangers they give me a HyperRHO shot before baby comes and then another shot after baby comes if the baby is Rh positive.

I find is so amazing that in the medical world we know all of this stuff!!  It is just amazing and I am very thankful to not have to worry about it!

How many women out there had to do this??

At my next appointment I will be having the groupB strep test done.

Did you know that if I were to deliver this boy at the same time I delivered my daughter I would only have to wait two weeks!  :)  EXCITING!!!  YES!!!  I am not getting my hopes up to deliver that early but trusting GOD to pick the perfect time!

So here is a picture of my and my hubby from this weekend at camp:


My friend and her sister both are Rh negative and have had a total of 5 healthy pregnancies/deliveries! :) Best wishes to yoU!
Looking great!!! It makes me miss being pregnant, well almost ;) I need an actual full year of not being pregnant before we make that journey again lol. So excited for you!!

Congrat's. I had Rh negative with my first child and then took the shots to protect my other four children. My oldest daughter had Group B Strep.
Praying for you and baby too!
Now a follower.
Savannah said…
i hope everything goes well for your last few weeks! I'm Rh- too, and my hubby is RH+, so I have to get the rhogam with each pregnancy. You only have to get rhogam though if your husband is RH+ (if hubby is negative, then baby can only be negative and there's no worry), and you only have to get the rhogam AFTER baby is born if baby is positive.
Good Luck! I had my sweet little one at 34 weeks. What an exciting time for your family.


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