Awana Night

Mentioned before that Thursday night is AWANA night for this family!  (Approved workmen are not ashamed).  If you have not heard of AWANA they have a great website HERE.

My daughter is a cubby bear, my husband is the game director, and I am in charge of the T&T Challenge group (5th and 6th graders).  My daughter considers AWANA her school and I am a proud mama who loves seeing her grow in love with CHRIST.

Tonight was a fun night as I was the one who brought the mini message for large group time.  I enjoyed it and was so excited that I decided to ask clubbers if they could finish some of the verses I was using in the message.  Those kids were awesome, they knew the verse so quickly.  GREAT JOB CLUBBERS!!  

It was also a neat night because our theme was "Life Savior"  so my message was about "JESUS ONE WAY."  I had the privileged to teach a salvation message!  HOW NEAT!!

Overall I am thankful that our church offers such a great program.


My children also enjoy Awana's. They go every wendsday and are very excited the entire week to go again. My 4 year old just started this year and I am amazed at all of the things he learns. He comes home and tells me all about God and Gods creations and he even said his first bible verse on his own. Makes me such a proud momma:)
Jeff said…
Thanks for your investment in kids' lives through Awana. Leadership is such a key to reaching and discipling kids in Christ. And parents are an even bigger key. Thanks for sharing your experiences online.

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