Best vivid pregnancy dream so far...

I have had several vivid pregnancy dreams that were fun, scary, funny, or hit up just about any emotion.

Last night I had one of the best dreams ever.  I had a dream with my mom in it.  Many of you don't know but my mom passed away when I was 18 years old from cancer!  CANCER SUCKS!!  It has been a few years since I have had a dream with my mom in it.  I know she is in heaven and pain free... she gets to dance with Jesus every day.

So in my dream we were on a vacation and traveling up these steep roads on a mountain side.  It was beautiful!! We were driving a convertible and the sun was shining on us.  I remember staring at my mom in my dream and thinking about how beautiful she is.  I remember being nervous on the roads and asking her if she wanted me to drive and she said "honey, I know these roads."  So maybe in my dream I saw a little piece of heaven??  :)

Have any of you lost a loved one and had dreams with them?


caroline said…
i am so glad you had a dream like that - must feel so good when you woke up.

i have lots of dream and never with a lost one. that's what's awesome about pregnancies - we get to have dream a lot! ;)

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Summer said…
Yes! My mom died from cancer just about three years ago and every now and the I have a dream about her. Sometimes they make me miss her and sometimes they are a comfort. Mostly a comfort now. :)
The Chick said…
Hi! I lost my Mum to cancer on Mother's Day weekend in 2009. She was the very best, and I miss her every day. I do dream of her sometimes and often it's a soothing dream of comfort like the one you had. I know she is with the Lord and pain free at last, but the pain of missing her never completely goes away. Isn't it comforting to know that no matter where you go she is with you and you don't need to know where you are going because she knows the roads ;)

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MomsMotleyCrue said…
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It is very nice hearing about you ladies have dreams too.

I did feel good when I woke up but I wanted to go right back to the dream.

Just a couple weeks after my mom passed I actually had a couple nightmare/terrors that were just terrible. I am happy that now I can have these beautiful dreams and see how beautiful my mommy was/is! :)
Kaui @ Thrifty Military Mommy said…
That sounds like a wonderful dream. I haven't dreamt of passed loved one, but I did have a dream when I was pregnant with my first about my dad being killed by sharks and it radically changed my life, causing me to fully forgive him and be healed. I love how God blesses us with dreams.

By the way, I found you on the Weekend Blog Hop.

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