Birth plan ??

It is that time where I should sit down and figure out the plan or what I would like it to look like when I go into labor.  I never wrote one with my daughter and I have no idea what I want to include.

Any advice?  Is this just a waste of time??

Lots to think about... HELP


Savannah said…
personally i've never really used a birth plan...I more or less go in with the mindset of "what I want may change as labour progresses" since each time is, pain control would be great, last time there wasn't time..oh well..this time, the epidural is still very appealing, but it was also great last time that I didn't have to get a cath, i could get up if i wanted to, etc..the only thing we were firm about last time was types of pain control, since one med i got when in labour with my son caused him to not be breathing when he was born, so we made sure they knew we didn't want that drug..if you're the type who is very comforted by knowing what to expect as much as possible, it might help relieve stress, and being less tense can help labour go more smoothly so I think a lot of it depends on your personality having it written down whether or not you'll be nursing, who you want to be in the room, if you want labour props such as the birthing ball or the frame they have for squatting, if you want pain meds, etc..just remember that you don't have to stick to it when you're in the moment :)
I had things that I specifically wanted ... like my epidural, when to hold the baby, wanting to nurse as soon as she was born, who was allowed in the delivery room. & While a lot of it did go as planned, it did change when she ended up having trouble breathing when she was first born. So birth plans are ok -- just be prepared that it may not go as you had planned!
Yes it is very important to stay flexible and not get upset if things go different then planned. I just dont know when I should get an epidural, or if I should plan on a episiotmy cause I would like to prevent tearing. I know I want to breastfeed right away and I know I only want my hubby in the room when I start hard labor. SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.
Savannah said…
I don't think you can really plan when you want to get an epidural..just see how things go, and make sure they know that you are planning on getting the epi at some point, since different hospitals have different policies about the prep for it..I don't really think you can plan for sure about an episiotomy either, since there's no way of knowing if you'll tear or not..but you can let the doctor know that if it comes down to it, you'd rather the episiotomy over tearing
Pamela said…
Had three kids but no birth plan. My thinking after my 3 and my daughters 4 is that whatever plan you have will go out the window in a hurry when you're in labor. But basic things like who you want in the room,if you want pain control, etc., are good to not only plan but let those around you know about.
ditto Pamela,
I didn't have a plan for either of my kids. The only things we really discussed with anyone were that I was not to have epi or spinal under any circumstances and that I wanted to nurse. Why stress over making a plan when you have to go with the flow anyway?
Andie said…
I wrote out what my "perfect birth" would look like from my perspective, then I addressed what my preferences would be in the event that complications caused us to deviate from that "perfect" birth scenario. This is what I discussed with my practitioners, so that we could understand each others expectations.

A thought on the episiotomy: If you have fabric with a cut in it, say a pair of jeans, and pressure is applied in that location it is going to tear worse, and farther than uncut fabric would have. It is very similar with our bodies. Some of the worst tears are a result of episiotomies. I had an episiotomy with my 1st birth, and opted against it for my subsequent (5) children, because the healing process (without further tearing) was pretty rough for me. I actually gave birth to a 12 lb baby (3rd birth) with no need for stitches, so our bodies can stretch an amazing amount! Just a thought to ponder, but don't feel judged if you prefer one!!

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