Breastfeeding do's and don'ts

Well I started 33 weeks in my pregnancy and last night I had some of the worst braxton hicks.  My hubby and I were trying to relax and watch a movie together and off and on for an hour I was having them.  I was starting to get nervous that they were the real thing, but then I had relief and they stopped.

With baby here soon I think it is time to review breastfeeding.  I breastfed my daughter but it seems like it was a long time ago already

I am open ears to your experiences and what worked for you and what did not work.

I had some issues with my milk supply after about 4 months and I do no want that to happen.  I think it was my own fault because I pumped a lot and then I also used a nipple shield and maybe that confused my body??  I think I was much more shy and when we were out and about I would warm up a bottle rather then breastfeeding but I will be doing that much different this time around.  I have a nice nursing cover and I plan on using it!

I will have a better breast pump this time around but I just pray my milk supply is enough as I do not want to buy formula.

I also remember my daughter having a difficult time latching on which is why I started using the nipple shield and it was less painful for me, but for some reason I think that affected my milk supply??

So let me here some of your stories!  I am eagerly awaiting some advice!


Leah said…
Hey April!
I used shields with the twins for 5 months and had no issues with ny milk supply! I have over a thousand ounces in the freezer right now that I am gonba donate cause they won't take bottles. Bottles are a pain to me, cause you have to thaw milk, put them in bottles, feed the babies, then pump after then wash everything. Way too much extra work for me that is unneccesary! If you have any questions about nursing I would love to help you out! Don't be afraid to nurse in public. You can buy a cover and it hides everything. My advice, drink lots of water and eat a lot and healthy. I have to think about eating everyday and will force myself to eat when not hungry. I have successfully nursed my twins for seven months now!! Also, if you have to use shields do it! I never would have been successful without them.
Savannah said…
I used a nipple shield with my son because he was given bottles in NICU but I only used it for a few days so I don't know if it can affect supply at all..I guess it's possible..if you do need to use a shield, maybe try to use it only as long as absolutely took a long time for my daughter to latch right on one side but she didn't like the's best to have baby on boob for as much feeding as possible to keep supply up..don't forget that after a few months it might seem like your breasts are getting less full since you're body's gotten used to how much to make, but as long as baby is growing and peeing and pooping enough, you're still making enough milk..they also go through a growth spurt around 4 months so it's natural for them to feed more often. There are some great covers out there for nursing in public, you can get an extra large (or make one) receiving blanket to cover up for more privacy. I was always way too lazy for bottles, especially out in public..when we did wean our kids, we got them used to room temp bottles..i agree with leah, make sure you drink lots of water too and eat can do it!
It's a Keeper said…
Following you from Welcome Wednesdays! You have a great blog! I hope you can stop by my blog

Christina @ It's a Keeper
Brea said…
Yay for your decision to breastfeed! I am naturally shy, but I use an Udder Cover in public-it's worked great! My son also had issues latching...I actually blogged about it because he bit THROUGH me. OUCH. The one piece of advice that I have is if it doesn't feel right (hurts), pop baby off and relatch. I pump each morning, and take Fenugreek with each meal (just one capsule) and my milk supply is going strong at 6 1/2 months. I did read somewhere that stress can decrease your supply-so try to relax, enjoy your baby, and be sure to drink TONS of water.

(I did use a nipple shield while I healed up and it didn't seem to affect my supply, by the way)

Glad I found you! Good luck!!

Good advice from all you ladies! :)

THANKS!!! I will try to remember to eat and drink lots of water! :)

Also happy to know that others have used a nipple shield and it did not effect milk supply. :)
Debbie said…
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I breastfed both my daughters until they could drink from a cup (18 months, 22 months). Rule #1 for me was not to even have a bottle in the house, no pacifiers either. Rule #2 was "when in doubt, whip it out". Breastfeeding was one of the best experiences of my life & I'm sorry for those who give up too soon. For encouragement just look at the animal kingdom & also remember that women have done this for 1000's of years before bottles were invented.

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