Chore that I hate doing....

What is the one chore you absolutely hate to do?

For me it is silly but I hate folding and putting laundry away.  I can handle throwing clothes in the washer and dryer but it seems like clothes pile up and never get put away some weeks.  I was on a good roll and kept doing small loads to keep the task easier but this week I have failed!  I have a huge pile of clothes to put away and no motivation to put them away.

Yep here is my nightmare pile of laundry!  Now it is probably all wrinkled!  UGGG!!!!  What a mess!


I hate laundry when it piles up, but I love the feeling of accomplishment once it's all put away and the hamper is empty. lol
TRUE: I love the accomplishment! That gives me a lil motivation! :)
MommyJ said…
This is the chore I do not like either. In fact I try to trade jobs with my husband, never works, he doesn't like doing it either!
My hubby hates doing laundry too. I have to ask him to help being 35 weeks pregnant because I cant reach the bottom if there is small items left like a sock or undies.
Hi! New follower here from the Born 2 Impress Blog Hop. I also dislike folding and putting away. LOL! Not sure what my deal is. I have little stacks here and there. They will make it as far as my bedroom and yet unless it needs to be hung up (I refuse to iron unless absolutely needed) it sits in a basket or somewhere else. Geeze! I'd love for you to check out my blog (I'm from WI too!) and come say hi.


Michelle said…
I agree with yours. There are laundry baskets continuously in my house b/c I don't take the time to do it. It's just so hard putting it away! I don't even mind folding it, it's the putting it away!
Ok. I don't like going DOWN to the cob web basement to wash the laundry. I pile it very neatly into a basket when it comes out of the dryer. That way it doesn't wrinkle as bad.

It very well may sit in the basement for up to... 4 days. Or more! But, I don't mind folding and hanging it.

This is what I do. I find a great video on Youtube like a testimony of someone who died and went to either Heaven or Hell, and watch it while I fold!



I have a little mental game I play with myself...I try to keep all the laundry baskets empty at all times. I do 2-4 loads a day, and as soon as they are dry I fold and put them up (or my 8 year old puts them up if she's home). I don't mind laundry least favorite chore is cleaning out the refrigerator!

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