Crayon melting=fun

One of the items I picked up last week for 75% off of the Valentines merchandise was the cookie sheet mold.  I remember seeing another mother do this same type of craft and it turning out very beautifully.

Tonight we took some time to tear the wrappers of crayons, break them, and then put them in the molds and put them in the oven.  They turned out very nice!

My daughter still thought they were cookies and tried to take a bite but non the less she learned that it is for drawing and not eating.  I think next time I will limit it to two colors just in case some of them mix.

So here they are:


Rumtruffle said…
What a fab idea, these would make a lovely handmade gift too, well done x
Holly said…
Those are very cute! I read somewhere on another blog that if you soak the crayons in warm water first, the wrappers are MUCH easier to get off!
April Thomas said…
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HOLLY- i needed that tip! THANKS SO MUCH... it took a long time to get the wrappers off! I should have thought of that! :)
Sarah said…
This is a great idea! We have so many crayons that are tiny and I hate throwing them away. We will have to try this.
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