Father Daughter Dance! ADORABLE!

I am so excited for my daughter and husband tonight.  They are currently out enjoying a father/daughter dance.  My daughter is wearing a new dress, asked for her nails to be painted, and has been talking non stop about her date with her daddy all week.  I bet they are dancing to the YMCA and many other fun songs.  :)  

I think it is so important for Fathers to do activities like this with their kids especially daughters.  I know we want to teach her how a man should treat her and even though she is only 3 years old I think she will still learn something at her age.  I know she is a princess in her fathers eyes, not just her daddy here but her heavenly father too.  Isn't it so awesome how much GOD loves us!!!   

So here are a couple pictures:
Nails had to be painted: 
 All ready and now waiting for daddy.
 Ready to go!
She was too excited to sit still for a good picture. 
So what are some other ideas that you or your hubby have done for special date nights with the kids?


Holly said…
How sweet! My hubby takes our little one to a local shopping center here and they go to the big water fountain to throw pennies and then to the candy store. She loves those days!
Morgueangel said…
My dad used to take each one of us (there were 5 counting the boys) on a date for our birthdays. Just one of us and him....we got to pick the place:) I looked forward to that date all year long!!
He also brought each of us a rose that mom would put in our rooms the morning of our birthday (right before we woke up). I still have a lot of the little flower cards he wrote out for me :) AND I have about 16 roses dried in a vase that are all from my dad.
Holly- That is special!

Morg- So neat that you still have the dried flowers! I could imagine how special each of them mean to you. :)
I have chosen you for an award visit my blog http://thirtyonetrendytotes.blogspot.com/2011/02/woohoo-my-first-award.html to claim your award!
I couldn't find a code but if you right click on the image and copy the image location you can then put it in to your blog post by clicking on the add image button and putting the link in the url spot. I hope this helps
Pamela said…
So adorably sweet. A beautiful daughter. My husband is a musician so he always took the girls to concerts and musicals like The Nutcracker, etc. They loved it and now he's looking forward to taking our granddaughter.
Thirty one- sounds good that is what I was thinking. :)

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