Guest Bloggers...???

So I have been asked to be a guest blogger and I am excited about doing that!  :)  I will keep you posted on when it is shared on her blog.  I also am hoping to do a podcast soon too!  :)

I am actually wondering if anyone would want to do a guest post on my page too?  I want to hear some birthing stories before I have my baby.  :)  Anyone interested in sharing about giving birth???

Comment here with your email address if you would like to do it.  I want to get about 5-10 and if you have a button that would be great otherwise we can try to link the post back to you still....I still dont have a button yet either!  Working on that!  :)


Lori said…
I would love to but my kids are grown and would probably kill me. Happy Birthing Stories,
Blessings, Lori
I loveee to share my birth story since C is only 5 months old, so let me know if you're interested. :)
lovinangels said…
I will gladly share with you want easy, easier, or easiest? Or, I could do three separate pieces for you. No worries, whatever you would like.
Lovinangels... what is your email address???

So you have 3 kids and all easy births...mabye I dont want to hear yours! JUST KIDDING! I would love to hear easy stories along with the hard ones!

I am praying and trusting the birth of my lil guy will be easy!
LaToya said…
I'll share my two stories if you'd like. One was born in the car and the other at home!

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