Kids say the sweetest, funniest, oddest things!

My daughter is 3 and she has said some of the funniest things to some of the sweetest things that melt my heart.

This morning as she was cuddling with me in my bed she told me "mom, you are beautiful to me." I felt so loved and special in her eyes. It was what I needed to hear as I am 35 weeks pregnant!

Yesterday my daughter said "I am a princess and my prince will find me."

I should have a journal just to write down the things she says.

What have your kids said that makes you laugh, feel special, or just made you sit back and wonder? I would love to hear some. :)


You should definitely write these things down! I have a journal for each boy and write these things down and it's amazing how quickly you forget these things!

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Then during lunch today she said "Mom, are you a monkey?" me "why, because I'm eating a banana?" Her "yep, monkey's eat bananas." me "oo eee ooo eee oo ooo eee ee" her- TONS OF LAUGHING! It was so cute!
Holly said…
How sweet! The other morning in church, this man was teasing Darbee and asked her if she would be his girlfriend. She said yes and that was that. Once we got in church and sat down, she looked at me so serious and said, "Mommy, I can still be your friend too." She keeps me smiling all the time!
James E. said…
Aww!! that so sweet!
she's so adorable.
Thank you visting me this morning! Yes, my daughter is 15, and you will AMAZED at how much you forget. One suggestion someone made to me, which would have been so quick and simple, was to jot down the statement on a calendar! You don't need to write a lot, just a few words will jog your memory years later! AARGH! Why didn't I listen!

If, you have a chance, visit me again, and click on the "Emily" tag...lots of funnies there!
Mary@notbefore7 said…
That is darling! Welcome to TTT!

I have been blogging these things for almost three years now and my TTT folder in my blog is my FAVORITE one to read :)

Happy TTT!

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