Lots of braxton hicks... is this normal?

So today I had to work for a few hours and through my shift I kept having cramping.  I did not time them but they did not last long.  I am getting so excited that maybe I am thinking they are worse then what they are?  I am 35 weeks and start week 36 on Monday.

If I were to have this boy at the same time as my daughter my water would break tomorrow at 3 and he would be here Monday morning at 7!!!  I doubt that will be the case, but I am ready!


Stopping by from the Hop. Sorry no answers for your question.
Michelle said…
I think I had them with my second. Truthfully, I can't remember now if it was my first or second. It usually happened when I was standing for too long, like doing the dishes. Are they happening when you are sitting also? If not, just try to take it a little easier. I remember my tummy used to get so hard from the muscles contracting. Good Luck! I've got you 3 days before your due date. You still have a while! :)

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