Maternity Massage!

So I was very blessed today to go to an Aveda salon and enjoy an hour long massage.  It was part of my Christmas present and I also had a $15 discount.    :)  Yep one full hour of relaxation!  It felt so good on my lower back which has been giving me issues in the evenings.  

It was well worth the money and the lady was trained for doing pregnant women.  I laid on my side through majority of the massage but at one point I did go on my back but I did not last long there.  She did give me pillows for my legs under my knees but being 35 weeks pregnant it is to difficult to get comfortable and becomes difficult to breath while on my back.  I am glad I was not shy and just said this position is not working for me.  I was extremely comfortable on my sides especially with the pillows she gave me! :) 

Also, at one point I had to tell her I was very hot and she took one of the blankets off and then gave me a cool pack which really helped me get comfortable again!  

I think the best part was her working on my lower back it feels so great right now!!!  

Have any of you had a maternity massage?  What were your thoughts?


Michelle said…
So nice! I never had one when I was pregnant. I didn't think you were ever supposed to lie on your back when you were pregnant. I remember if I ever ended up sleeping that way accidentally, I would wake up w/cramps. I bet it did feel good on your back. Yay! How long now? one month?
Well it was not flat on my back my head was elevated and I had a pillow under my legs, but it still did not last long in that position. It just gets hard to breath.

Yep one month left... kinda hoping more like 2 weeks. :)

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