Mommy, I cant...

"Mommy I CANT, Mommy I cant!"   These were the words out of my 3 year olds mouth today.  She wanted me to help dress her doll.  I told her to try it herself since she is a big girl. Then she said something that got me thinking.  She said, "no mommy, I cant do it because you can do it."  Is she not wanting to try things on her own because she knows I can?  Is she being lazy?  I know it is a typical toddler remark, but I want her to be more independent and not ever think she cant do things.  Her daddy is a great example of a can do attitude.  My hubby knows he can do anything with the right preparation.  I want her to get that down!  TRY TRY AGAIN my sweet lil girl!  You can do it!


amber01sw said…
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That is are so smart, if we can do it for them, then why would they have to!!! My little girl just realized that she can get dressed all by herself...yay!!

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HAve a blessed day!
Deb said…
I have GRAND-sons the age of your precious little girl...but I can still remember my Momma telling me as a child "can't never did do anything"...she wouldn't let me say "I can't"!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment at Jeremiah 29:11!!!

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