Monday Hops


Question of the Week 

Are you going to plant a garden this year? If so, what will you be planting, and when will you start?

NOPE, we live in an apartment so no garden for us.  


1.  What are you wearing right now?
2.  Do you have any freckles?
3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?
4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
5.  Would you rather live without tv or without music?
My Answers!

1. black jammie pants and a tshirt that is too small because I am 36 weeks pregnant.

2. A few random ones...not noticable.

3. Grape

4. hmmm...I honestly cant remember.  I know I saw The Back Up Plan.  

5. With out Tv


Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums



Glenda said…
Hello, How are you? Your blog is so cute. I came from Boost My Blog then I found your Monday Hop so I entered it too. If it is a ongoing hop Please come and add it to my blog as I have a ongoing list on it at
I had no idea there was such a thing as grape lifesavers!!!
kimert said…
I'm not sure I even knew there were grape flavored Lifesavers! I don't usually like grape candy much though because it reminds me too much of medicine! ha
I am your newest follower from Mom Blog Monday and would love for you to follow me back!

Have a great week!
Well they have a purple in the mixed individual wrapped bib bags... i think it is grape... it tastes great!

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