New hair clips available in my Etsy store!

Here is a new set of hair clips available to purchase in my ETSY store.

This month Undeserving Grace is featuring my ETSY STORE!  :) WHOO HOO!!  I am so excited for this opportunity that I am offering a coupon code for 35% off.  Just enter the word PRAISE at check out to receive 35% off!  :)  What a great deal!

My daughter was watching me make these clips today and she thinks they are for her!  She has enough clips at this point but it excites me that she always wants to wear the clips I make!  :)  TODDLER APPROVED CLIPS!  :)

Also if you love to play guitar I have several guitar pick lots that I am sure you would love to play with, or even use in a craft project!  (my husband makes them).

Please go see my ETSY STORE


ashleynichole said…
These are so cute! I just became obsessed with making hair clips this weekend :) I'm a new follower.

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