I know I should not complain and just love the battle marks of being pregnant... but I am complaining a little.  I got my first stretch marks!  :(  I never got any when I was pregnant with my daughter but here at 34 weeks with my son I have 2 small ones right under my belly button!  I am really praying that I don't get any more and that they do not darken.

I lotion up every day but I know that does not prevent them.  Are there any tricks or ideas to keep them from coming or lighten them up??

How many of you have gotten dark stretch marks?  What have you done to lighten them up?  It really is part of being pregnant...take the good with the bad and stop complaining.... right!!!


Anonymous said…
I really didn't get many dark ones...just light ones! Good luck! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up! I'm already a follower! :)


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